Welcome to Grindsted Privatskole and the Child Care Centre, Lindetræet.

This is a short introduction to our child care centre and school, and should you be interested in further information, please feel free to contact us.

The Child Care Centre, Lindetræet, welcomes children from 3 years of age until they start in school. It is a place, where the progress and well-being of each child is achieved in close cooperation with their parents.

This is done through a variety of activities in our house, in the close vicinity and with time spent in a nearby forest. We have a specific focus on building relationships among the children and to the pedagogical staff. We also prepare the children for school in a special ”School Group”.

The school, Grindsted Privatskole, is a private school with classes from kindergarten through 9th grade. The pedagogical aim is a combination of the 21st Century Skills and the Danish National Curriculum, where we want to challenge the students academically to learn even beyond their thought limits. With our widespread problem-solving practices, we have modern and effective instructional practices integrating computer technologies and a widespread use of iPads for learning purpose. We integrate Lego in many ways in order to create learning and innovation through play and we have a specific focus on collaboration where each student contributes with his or her ideas and abilities.

We believe, that there is a great value in good relationships and a willingness to take part in developing community. We therefore teach, encourage and expect the students to join in and show responsibility for the community in smaller scale (partnerships/friendships/small groups) and larger scale (classroom/school).

The students work on projects throughout the year – smaller and larger projects – integrating several subjects and developing skills of entrepreneurship. We also join in partnerships with businesses and companies in the close vicinity to give the student a greater understanding and sense making with study that is based on real-life issues.

We aim to give students with special learning needs the best support within our means, experience and knowledge. To do so, we collaborate with the experts in the municipality within the public sector.

We experience, that a close partnership with parents gives each student the best outset for learning. This is done through positive communication with the teachers and other staff members, attending parent/teacher meetings and social activities within the class.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Christian Thorne